The Greenhouse Challenges

As it turns out, it’s quite challenging even to grow in the greenhouse here.

Zucchini does not do well in this area.  It’s simply too wet.  The plants always start out looking great, but within a few weeks they are covered with white powdery mildew.  Seriously covered.  I tried spraying them with hydrogen peroxide, but I truly think it’s hopeless in this environment.  My adviser also found it impossible to grow zucchini here.

The cucumbers were doing marvelous well.  Although they too acquired a rust colored fungus, they were still managing well.  Then there was the invasion of white flies!  One of the problems is that I don’t get onto these problems right away.  I look, I see, but I vasccilate and hesitate.  “What’s that?” I wonder.  Well, that doesn’t take me very far into solving the problem.

After awhile, I began spraying them with Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap, diluted of course.  This seemed to help considerable, although it hasn’t solved the problem in full.  I may need to remove all the plants from the greenhouse for two weeks, which means they won’t survive.  This I’ve read will eradicate the white fly problem.  But I don’t yet have the heart to remove or destroy the plants that are still growing cucumbers, even though a few of them are seriously devastated.

All this is a learning process for me.  As I learn, I will get much quicker at catching these problems far earlier and more adept with the methods that will be effective for solving the problems.  My main focus is on the cucumbers.  Since the previous owners were able to grow cucumbers (hydroponically, in their case) it seems I should be able to find a way to do so too.  Although they did says that it’s not easy and sometimes you lose entire crops.

Despite these challenges, I am heartened by the fact that my greens in the beds are growing almost effortlessly.  The combination of compost and Organic Crumbles (fertilizer) seems to serve them well.

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