Cucumbers, Zucchini, and Green News

I met with a gardening specialist on Jan 19th. So much was learned in just a few hours. Talking with an adviser provides so much more than reading from a book. I’m slowly putting her advice into place. Here’s the general update. In the Greenhouse

2 Katrina (OG) cucumber plants – 49 days.

Growing, flowering, and began producing fruit starting about a week ago. They were planted in the first week of January. They are a mid-size cucumber and are best harvested at 5.5 to 6.5″ long.

PLANTED TODAY: Two new seeds in two 2″ peat pots.

2 Tyria (OG) Long Dutch type cucumber plants – 56 days

These seeds were planted about a week to 10 days after the Tyria seeds. They are just beginning to have very tiny cukes but no obvious flowers yet. I bent and partially broke the main stem on one today when I moved it. We’ll see if it recovers.

One of these I replanted from a gallon size pot about a week ago. The other I only replanted today. This color of this latter one is fading a bit so we’ll see if it perks up now that it’s been transplanted. There was fertilizer mixed in with the soil as well as dolomite.

They have a few rust colored spots (a fungus). I am going to try a dilution of food grade hydrogen peroxide on them tomorrow.

Sultan Zucchini

3 plants are producing. I’ve harvested about 5 zucchini from the largest plant in the 5 gallon pot. The one in the larger plot has 2 zucchini, one ready to harvest now. It took longer to produce. It may get a little less sun.

The 4th plant was transplanted from the peat pot when it was already fading a bit, after all the others, and it’s gotten the least sun. It’s closest to the gardening table. I moved it into the bin with the sunflower seeds today to see if some extra light would help it out. The first 2 plants all have some white powdery mildew. Will try the hydrogen peroxide tomorrow.

Germinating brassica seeds

I germinated a variety of brassica sees using the Black Gold Mix. They almost all sprouted. Mizuma, Swiss Chard, Collards, Bok Choy. These plants look healthier than the seeds I sow directly into the ground. I began to transplant some in the ground today – the Swiss Chard and Mizuma – but I should have waited longer. The roots hadn’t filled up the small pots yet. We’ll see if they make it. I prepared the soil with compost, some fertilizer, and some dolomite.

Soil Test

I took one sample of soil from the brassica bed before I prepared it. I’ll try to take the rest of the samples tomorrow and send off the total sample for testing to soon. It’s definitely touch and go, but I’m learning and improving. I’m not dismayed by the fungus on the greenhouse plants. This is par for the course. I’m learning how to work with it.

Tangelos and Organges

Just finished.  There’s only a few green fruit on the trees.  It was a terrific season and we were able to share fruit with our neighbors.

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