The Garden Is Flourishing

The garden is flourishing at the moment.  In the beds, I have healthy rows growing of ~

  • arugula
  • mustard greens
  • bok choy
  • cilantro

We’ve already been using the cilantro for weeks.  The mustard greens and bok choy are almost ready to eat as well.  No pests at the moment.

Yesterday, I planted about 15 tiny new cilantro plants from seeds I started in the greenhouse.  The sky has graced us with a good rain, which is always an excellent way for the  new plants to get a boost.

I need to get the greenhouse going.

I’ve been reading information on the website of the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, at the University of Hawai’i.  First, I spoke to a master gardener who was very discouraging.  He was sweet, but he had a pickle about all the pests that we have to contend with in Hawai’i and how difficult it is to grow anything here.  He had very little insight or information to share with me.

The website on the other hand does have a fair amount of practical information.  I was able to find out details about how to cultivate a small number of specific vegetables and which varieties grow well in Hawai’i.  The latter information is particularly helpful.

I also spoke with a farmer at Garuda, the nearby organic vegetable farm and the produce manager at Island Naturals in Pahoa.  They were both very kind and helpful.

Cucumbers, zucchini, and tomatoes (especially Heirloom) are the logical candidates for the greenhouse.  I already lost one zucchini plant to white powdery mildew.  Tomatoes sound complicated.  I’m not sure cucumbers will germinate; some say they require a constant temperature of 70 degrees.

So I am aiming for cucumbers (Mideast/Beit Alpha Katrina F1) and/or zucchini.  I planted 2 cucumber seeds yesterday and will try a few zucchini seeds in the next few days just to see if they will germinate.  The evenings may be too cool. We’ll see.

This weekend, I also planted some other items in the greenhouse ~ lettuce (Saturday), Bloomsdale spinach (Sunday), and, tatsoi (Monday).  I’m experimenting simply to see what will grow in there.  Some green is already shooting up in one of the lettuce pots.  Voila!  Unless it’s a weed.  We’ll see.

The weather has been around 80 degrees during the daytime.  The greenhouse feels quite warm when I go out there around 10 or 11 am.  Its’ chilly in the evenings.  Today, it’s raining quite strongly.  The first strong rain we’ve had in awhile.

It might sound crazy to be planting in the “dead of winter” but there’s even a strawberry plant with flowers that’s bearing fruit.  OK, just one fruit but nice and juicy and red.  A slug or bird got to it first.  That’s the strawberry saga – some creature always gets them before us!  I’m going to check into covering them with net.

The physical work in the garden is very soothing to my mind.  It’s very healthful for my being.  The mind seems to naturally calm down in the garden.  It’s far easier to keep one’s mind tuned into a spiritual focus.  No wonder gardens are often a part of spiritual communities.  The physical work is a little challenging for my body.  I try to work for brief periods and avoid doing too much at one time.

The garden is flourishing for a moment.  Who knows which way it will turn next!

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