How does my garden grow?

I aspire to have a healthy, colorful, vibrant organic garden.  But, I’m finding that gardening is not so easy!

There are many fruits that grow wild in Hawai’i like bananas, avocados, small mangos, and papayas.  We can literally walk around our neighborhood and pick some fruit depending on when they are in season. Our citrus trees are prolific and are producing a second season.

There are many native vegetables that do well too, but they are not the ones on my particular diet.  Standard vegetables like zucchini and carrots do not grow well here.

Raised Beds

So far I’ve had luck with:

  • arugula
  • Osaka purple mustard greens
  • cilantro, when started in the greenhouse
  • pineapples, already in place when we arrived
  • Bau Sin mustard greens, they’re growing but not sure if they are going to do well.
  • Purple potatoes, I planted some stems from the last batch which was already in place when we arrived.

I’m failing with:

  • Baby bok choy flourishes for awhile but is attacked by a pest, which I suspect is aphids.  Same with Tatsoi.
  • The patch of strawberry plants grows but never produces much in the way of strawberries.  The strawberries that do appear are quickly snatched by birds or other beings.
  • There’s a wild kaboocha squash plant that has produced two pumpkins and a new vine is spontaneously growing across the lawn near the raised beds.

Green House

  • The zucchini plant produced some fruit, but it was so hot this summer the leaves burned and it stopped producing.  Then it contracted a leaf mold.
  • Sunflower greens seem to work.

Current planting

Today I planted:

  • A cucumber seed in a container in the greenhouse.
  • A small row of cilantro seeds in the beds, using a seed from a Hawai’in company.

I love being outside, being in nature, and working in the dirt.  So far my efforts have been trial and error.  I’ve picked up bits and pieces of gardening advice from people I’ve met at the hot pond.  However, it’s gradually becoming clear that I need more education to master the intricacies of gardening in Hawai’i!

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